Tips and Tricks

After years of experience, we know we’ve only begun to uncover the neat things people do when they are crabbing… see below for a link to send us your favorite tips and tricks!

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Crabbing 101




Tips n Tricks



Keeping your crabs alive


We found a neat little trick with our ice chest that will keep the little buggers alive all day long and into the night.


The grocery getter


One day after hucking our nets and bait, and then returning to the car to get the buckets and rope and then returning to the  car… you get the picture… we realized we needed a better way to transport our gear. Enter the grocery getter cart.

A youtube video with a really neat idea to upgrade a basic crab net!




The Cage


We quickly learned that it’s tough to fight a hungry sea lion on the piers. They will not only go after your bait, and put up a heck of a fight, but they will steal the crabs right off your net! Stay tuned for pictures of our most recent bait cage and attachment which has (so far) beaten the sea lions to the punch.